Xpreen Mole Removal Tools, Dark Spot Remover, Freckle Dark Spots Tattoo Wart Remover Tool

Xpreen Mole Removal Tools, Dark Spot Remover, Freckle Dark Spots Tattoo Wart Remover Tool

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Xpreen® Professional Spot Remover adopts the 6th generation advanced manufacturing technique from Germany, helping effectively remove pigmentation and blemishes instantly.

Skin Tag Remover Safe
Adopting latest Germany tech, the spot remover, with microcomputer controlling and overdischarge protection, removes skin tags/dark spots/freckles/moles/etc in a much safer way.

Easy & Effective to Use
The mole remover has 8 levels. Just press the power button to choose levels. Simple operation brings effective results. LED spotlight also helps aim at dark spots accurately.

Elegant LCD Screen
The LCD screen shows the battery level and the working level, which makes the removal process visible and safe. The streamlined design presents a high-end and elegant appearance.

Mole Remover Sanitary
Say goodbye to salon visit from now! Stay at home and remove unwanted skin tags. Save your money and time! What's more, it is much more sanitary to have your own skin tag remover.

Plenty & Durable Needles
The electric spot remover kit comes with 10 replaceable fine needles (with a needle guard) and 3 coarse needles. Exquisite craftsmanship makes every needle sturdy and durable.

1 year warranty with 30 days no question asked return policy.After-sale Service Ganranteed: XPREEN products have a one-years warranty (from date of purchase). please contact customer service at xpreenofficial@gmail.com for assistance


Q. After I use the pen, how long will it take for the skin tag to disappear?
A. Mole remover pens cauterize the spot instantly, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have clear skin instantly. A scab will form, and it may linger for up to 30 days before it falls off. Do not pick at the scab. Let it fall off naturally.

Q. How often do I need to charge my Mole remover pens?
A. Most Mole remover pens can operate for several hours at a time, but you probably won’t ever need to use them for this long. It’s best to charge the pen once every three months or so if you’re not using it regularly to ensure that it’s ready to go when you need it.

Q. Do mole removal pens work on raised moles?
A. Yes. Mole remover pens can work on raised moles, flat moles, and skin tags. The operation is the same in all cases. When you burn a raised mole, it may take multiple treatments, as the tool only penetrates a thin layer of skin at a time.

Material: ABS + Steel Needle
Battery Capacity: 800mAh 3.7V
Input Current: 5V/1A
Output Power: MAX5W
Product Size: 182* 26* 26mm
Product Weight: 75g
Package Size: 200* 96* 36mm
Package Weight: 200g

What You Will Get?
1  * Skin Tag Remover
10 * Fine Needles
3  * Coarse Needles (including a needle guard)
1  * USB Charging Cable
1  * User Manual

  • German technology, the 6th generation manufacture

  • 10 replaceable fine needles and 3 coarse needles, sturdy and durable
  • The battery icon will flash when the battery is low
  • Microcomputer controlling and over discharge protection, safe to use
  • 8 adjustable levels meet different needs
  • LCD screen shows the level and battery gauge