Personal Air Cooler, Portable Evaporative Conditioner with 3 Wind Speeds Small Desktop Cooling Fan

Personal Air Cooler, Portable Evaporative Conditioner with 3 Wind Speeds Small Desktop Cooling Fan

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Product Description

The portable, lightweight, compact personal air conditioner uses the Mist Sprayer Cooling Technology that pulls outside hot air in, then blows out cool and moisture fresh air to cool the surrounding air and create a comfortable room environment for you and your family.

【3 Controllable Speed Wind Modes】For enlarging the wind range and strengthening cool effect, the personal air conditioner featured with 3 wind speeds ( high, medium, low ) 2 wind modes (natural / cool wind) and double fans. You can freely adjust the wind power and direction, having different cooling enjoyment in hot summer.

【5 in 1 Multifunctional Personal Air Conditioner】It is not only a portable mini air conditioner fan but also humidifier, personal air cooler, air filter and dual silent fans. You can use the portable cooler fan for camping, car traveling, and suitable for room, office, garage and kitchen. As long as you bring the personal cooler fan, you can enjoy cool wind in anywhere.

【Quiet Room Air Conditioners 】The portable air cooler fan is very quiet for a comfortable night and soft atmosphere. Helping relieve your stress and sleeping in a good mood, leting you have a better mental state to start the next day of your work and life.

【Fast Cooling Technology】Mist sprayer function convert water into small mist particles, could immediately cooling down hot, dry air into refreshing and humid air, and make you instantly feel cool and pleasant. Whether in summer or autumn, portable air conditioner can help you stay away from dryness and moisturize the skin all day.

【Portable &Not-leak Design】The small lightweight evaporative air cooler can be placed it in anywhere you like. 350ml big capacity used a sealed water tank and sponge drawers design as double insurance to reduce the occurrence of water leakage.

Note: With battery

Type: Air Cooling Fan

Spray mode: Regular spray, interval spray

Noise: <36dB

Working Voltage: DC5V/2A

Maximum Power: About 6W

Spray Timing: 5 Hours

Wind Speed: 3 Mode

Charging Interface: Type-C

Head Shaking Function: 120°

Spray Mode: Continuous/Interval

Charging Indicator: Charging Red Light, Full Off

Ambient Light Mode: Turn on the RGB color light gradient, short press the touch mold to set the current color


1* Operating Instruction

  • 5 in 1 Multifunctional Personal Air Conditioner
  • Controllable Wind
  • Low Decibels, Sweet Sleep
  • Portable Air Conditioner Fan
  • Fast Cooling Technology