Melliful Slushy Maker Cup, 300ml, Green

Melliful Slushy Maker Cup, 300ml, Green

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DIY smoothie cup pinch Cups, frozen magic squeeze cup, milkshake tools, enjoy the summer!

Frozen Smoothie Cup:
An order includes a cup, a packaging box, a cup brush and a cup straw. The cup straw and spoon are two-in-one, The spoon connected to the straw can be used as a spoon or straw, Magic frozen smoothie cup let you enjoy the slushy party with different flavors.

How to make smoothies:
Step-1: Freeze the cup body for 4~6 hours to ensure the ice pack is solid. Step-2: Pour in any drinks you like. Step-3: Squeeze the smoothie cup with your hands for about two minutes. then you can taste the delicious smoothie !

Cup Material:
Inner bag material: EVA (for food contact use).Cup Lid material: food grade PP plastic lid.Cup body: food grade silicone material (Soft and non-deformation).The built-in freezing liquid exchanges heat with the drinks to make a delicious smoothie, Safe and healthy!

Creative Present:
No complicated steps, everyone can make smoothies at home and enjoy the process. it's the perfect birthday gift for daughter, son, boy, girl, Excellent creative gift for lover, families, friends, coworkers, classmates and children.

Smoothie Cup is washable and reusable, after use, please wash with cold water, (Don't put the product into the dishwasher cleaning, lest cause damage), Clean and then placed in the freezer. you can use it again and again.

Material: Silicone,EVA,PP (all in food-grade)
Size: 4.15inch x 2.37inch x 8.27inch
Color: Blue
Total weight of cup: 0.73Ib
Capacity: 300 ml / 10 oz

Package Included:
1 X Smoothie Cup body
1 X Cup lid
1 X Straw with spoon