iFanze Blue Light Teeth Whitening Device
iFanze Blue Light Teeth Whitening Device
iFanze Blue Light Teeth Whitening Device
iFanze Blue Light Teeth Whitening Device
iFanze Blue Light Teeth Whitening Device

iFanze Blue Light Teeth Whitening Device

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The device adopts blue light teeth whitening technology, which uses specially processed high-intensity nano blue light (wavelength between 480-520nm) to achieve teeth whitening effect. It can not only remove stains on the teeth surface, but also whiten teeth from the deep part. Furthermore, it's safe and effective for use of most people without causing irritation to dental nerves. It's clinically proven to whiten teeth 5-14 Vita shades.
To achieve better and quicker teeth whitening effect, the device is equipped with newly developed teeth whitening gel. Under the blue light, the oxidation-reduction reaction of the active whitening ingredients in the teeth whitening gel quickly takes place, helping remove variety kinds of stains on and inside the teeth.
The device adopts unibody design. Featuring premium materials, compact and lightweight body, and easy to operate button, it is suitable for home use. Regularly using this device will bring you brighter and more beautiful smiles!


  1. The device can not be used on or by:

         - Artificial teeth such as porcelain teeth and dentures;

         - Discolored teeth caused by diseases or drugs;

         - Yellow /black /gray teeth caused by severe tetracycline teeth, dental fluorosis and decayed teeth;

         - Incomplete enamel, dentin exposure, loose teeth and incomplete teeth;

         - People with severe allergies or periodontal diseases;

         - Pregnant and breastfeeding women and people under the age the 16.

  1. The device is suitable for use on or by:

         - Yellow /black /gray teeth caused by smoking, drinking tea/coffee/red wine, eating betel nut and other food;

         - Age-related yellow /black /gray teeth;

         - Yellow /black /gray teeth caused by mild and moderate tetracycline teeth, dental fluorosis, etc;

         - People who want to have whiter and brighter teeth.

  1. Teeth are easily to be stained within 24 hours after using the device. Please avoid eating deep colored food, drinking tea /coffee /cola /red wine /berry drinks, using colored toothpaste /mouthwash, or smoking.
  2. Different people have different teeth conditions. So some people may need more times to achieve desired teeth whitening effect. This is normal.
  3. The teeth tray of the device is waterproof. You can rinse it under tap directly. But the main body of the device is not waterproof. Do not rinse the part under tap or immerse it in water.
  4. Do not disinfect the teeth tray by immersing it in boiled water to avoid scald or damaging the main body of the device. Recommend to disinfect it with a soft cloth dipped with alcohol (with a concentration of 75%).
  5. Do not use the device when sleeping or when you feel sleepy.
  6. The device is designed for teeth whitening only. Do not use it for other purpose.
  7. For hygiene reason, do not share the device with others.
  8. The device is not a toy. Do not allow children to play with it.
  9. Keep the teeth whitening gel away from children to avoid swallow. Please keep in a dry shadow.
  10. Do not detach, transform or repair the device by yourself.