Halloween Mist Maker Fogger Smoke Fog Machine with 12 LED for Halloween Decoration

Halloween Mist Maker Fogger Smoke Fog Machine with 12 LED for Halloween Decoration

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The Halloween Mist Maker has 12 LEDs bulbs which cycle through different colours,combined with the mist effect creates a stunning display!
Operate on a safe 24V system for a plug in mains adaptor.
Bring your Halloween party to life and create a unique atmospheres with this JoRocks mist maker fogger.

Colorful lights:
The Halloween atomizer is designed with 12 LEDs, which cyclically change and emit different colors, combined with the water mist to create a surprising effect!

Intelligent control:
a built-in low water level sensor, if the water level becomes too low, the device can be automatically closed. The atomizer slightly heats up when it is working, but it will not become too hot when the water is placed.

Halloween must-haves:
The horror witch smoking pot that often appears in fairy tales, you can feel that it can produce magical smoke, and bring a creepy atmosphere to your Halloween party.

Safe use:
The working voltage of the device is a safe DC 24V, which needs to be used with an adapter. It is convenient to connect and adopts an international connector.

The mist machine can provide a large amount of mist for photography. Ideal for water features, and office use. Perfects for use in your pond, rockery, fish tank, vase, birdbath, etc, then it will create a magical atmosphere.

Adapter input voltage: AC 100-240V
Adapter output voltage/current: DC 24V/1000mA
Power: 16W
LED color: yellow light + blue light + red light
Number of LEDs: 12
Control method: automatic color change
Adapter cable length: 0.7 meters
Sprayer material: ABS
Sprayer line length: 1.2 meters
Maximum evaporation capacity of sprayer: 300 ml/h
Water depth: 40-70mm
Working temperature: +1℃ to +40℃

Package included:
1 x Mist Making Machine(5.1*5.1*4.3in)
1 x Pot
1 x Adapter
1 x Accessories
1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Instruction Manual
  • Halloween decoration witch black cauldron fog maker

  • 12 LED lights cycle different colors
  • With a top handle for easy carrying
  • Low water level automatically shuts down
  • Create a unique Halloween atmosphere