Witch Pot Smoking Cauldron Mini Mist Maker Halloween Decoration Lights Plastic Fog Maker Witch Cauldron Candy Holder Matte Black

Witch Pot Smoking Cauldron Mini Mist Maker Halloween Decoration Lights Plastic Fog Maker Witch Cauldron Candy Holder Matte Black

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A Halloween Haze

There's nothing quite like the ambiance of an All Hallow's Eve night. When you decorate the place up right, though, it's even better. Our Mist Cauldron is the perfect way to set a spooky scene!


Matte Black Halloween Witch Cauldron- Plastic LED Mist Maker

Item Size: 5.5*4.2*3.2in

Red&Black Halloween Witch Cauldron- Aluminum LED Alloy Mist Maker

Item Size: 5.6*3.8*3.9in

Adapter Input Voltage: AC 100-240V

Adapter Output Voltage/current: DC 24V/1000mA

Input Power: 16W

LED Color: Yellow, Blue, Red

Number of LEDs: 12

Control Method: Automatic Color Change

Adapter Cable Length: 28in

Sprayer Material: ABS

Sprayer Line Length: 47in

Maximum Evaporation Capacity of S prayer: 300 ml/h

Water Depth: 1.57-2.76in


Colorful RGB Halloween Decoration Lights: The Halloween atomizer is designed with 12 LEDs, which cyclically change and emit different colors, combined with the water mist to create a surprising effect! Wherever you use our witch ’s cauldron, the combination of the cheerful Halloween theme and the beautiful colors of the lights is sure to make it a hit with kids and adults alike!

Intelligent Control: A built-in low water level sensor, if the water level becomes too low, Our fog maker can be automatically closed. The atomizer slightly heats up when it is working, but it will not become too hot when the water is placed.

Halloween Must-haves: The horror witch smoking pot that often appears in fairy tales, you can feel that this m ist maker can produce magical smoke, and bring a creepy atmosphere to your Halloween party.

Safe Use: The working voltage of the device is a safe DC 24V, which needs to be used with an adapter. It is convenient to connect and adopts an international connector.

Thick Mist Effect: Aerosolized amount ≥350ml/h. Halloween witch p ot produces a nice amount of misty fog to create a magical festive atmosphere on Halloween and other holidays.

Points of Attention:

1. Don't touch the atomizing slice while the fog maker is working.

2. Keep the mist maker upright when the switch turn on, don't turn it over or it may damage the atomizer.

3.Keep the nozzle 2-3CM under the water level to get the best atomization effect.

4. Please ensure that this mist ultrasonic maker can not working continuously over 10 hours. Otherwise it may shorten the lifetime of atomizing slice.

5. The atomizing slice is consumable, and its service life is ≥5000 hours. Please clean atomizing slice with a cotton swab(don't need to use any detergent) if marked reduction of mist present.

Package included:

1 * Mist Making Machine

1 * Halloween Wit ch  Cauldron

1 * Adapter

1 * Accessories

1 * Instruction Manual

  • Small Witch Pot  Smoking Cauldron Halloween Decoration
  • Great for Halloween, Carnival or Harry Potter Theme Parties
  • Mist Maker with 12 LEDS RGB Color Changing Lights
  • Bring a Creepy Atmosphere to Your Halloween Party
  • Easy to Use, Service Life is More Than 5000 Hours
  • Intelligent Control and Safe Use