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Ultrasonic high-frequency vibration
The high-frequency vibration of the ultrasonic wave has very little damage to the tooth surface, and the time for cleaning the teeth is also short. The calculus plaque remover is convnient and the effect is obvious, and oral health is not damaged. It has obvious effects on the cleaning of calculus, yellow and smoked teeth.
This calculus plaque remover cleaning head is designed with a 90° right angle & scrub cleaning head design, this design makes the product more vulnerable cleans stubborn stains on the teeth and calculus easier to fall off. A flat cleaning head is used on the tooth surface. A sharp cleaning head is used for the gap in the teeth.

Safety Material
The Calculus Plaque Remover is made of Food grade silicone material and 304 stainless steel scrub replaceable cleaning head. The whole body is protected, no smell and input is very safe. IPX6 water resistant safety system, seamless connection, can be washed directly with water(Note: the charging port cannot be washed with water), no need to worry about leakage.

Chargeable and Portable
This calculus plaque remover is directly charged with USB. With the high-capacity battery, it can be used for at least 1 month between each charge.

Warranty 1-year warranty with 30 days no question asked return policy. After-sale Service Guaranteed: XPREEN products have a one-year warranty (from date of purchase). please contact customer service at xpreenofficial@gmail.com for assistance.

What's in the Box?
1 * Electric Calculus Plaque Remover
2 * Cleaning Heads
1 * Charging Cable
1 * User Manual