Carbon Monoxide Detector, Plgu-In CO Alarm Detector for Kitchen Home Bedroom Hotel
Carbon Monoxide Detector, Plgu-In CO Alarm Detector for Kitchen Home Bedroom Hotel

Carbon Monoxide Detector, Plgu-In CO Alarm Detector for Kitchen Home Bedroom Hotel

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Detect Air: Carbon monoxide, smoke

Power: DC 9V, 1 x 6F22 battery (battery not included)

Working time: 3 Years

Quiescent Current: 20μA

Alarm Current: 30mA

Alarm Method: Voice and light alarm

Alarm Volume: 110dB

Size: 10 x 3.2cm (3.94 x 1.26 inch)

Alarm voice: smart human voice prompt

Sensor: Electronic chemical carbon monoxide sensor and infrared photoelectric sensor

Working Temperature: 0-50°C

Relative Humidity: 10-95%

Carbon monoxide sensor detect concentration: 000-999PPM

Smoke sensor sensitive: 0.1db/m-9.9%db/m

Alarm indication: LCD display, light/sound prompt


Sensitive and Stable Performance

With its 360° Gas Detection Function, this air quality monitor win an invisible war against the pollutants floating around your house or office. 360° gas detection, sensitive capture of gas, intelligent compensation algorithm, stable and reliable.

Intelligent Detection of Multiple Gases

This air box can comprehensively analyze the air quality of your space by measuring indoor carbon monoxide and other smoke gases.

Audible Alarm & Quick Response

When a carbon monoxide or smoke fire is detected, a 110dB alarm sound immediately, and the ring light of the smoke sensor will flash Green or Blue quickly. Alarm speed as fast as 2 seconds, take measures in time real and fake smoke gas identification, effectively avoid false positives.

Extra long standby & Low battery alert

Adapt for high performance ultra-low-power micro-controller to avoid frequent battery replacement. And this smoke sensor can use 3 years maximum. When the battery power is too low, the alarm will automatically sound an alarm and send a signal to the host, and the host will notify the user of the low battery information via SMS.

Two Way Uses

This smoke sensor can not only use independently, but also transmission via wireless alarm. It will send a wireless signal to the host and the host will automatically dial the phone( a text message or APP alarm to notify the users.)

Note: The wireless detector can be used with a variety of hosts.


Package Content:

1 x Carbon Monoxide Detector

1 x User Manual

  • 360° Gas Detection Function & Carbon Monoxide and Smoke sensor
  • 110dB Audible Alarm & Quick Response
  • Extra long standby (Up to 3 years) & Low battery reminder
  • Independent using and wireless alarm transmission
  • Energy Saving & Environment Protection